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    Individual support

    This is a free and confidential service offered to community members, friends and family regarding sexuality, gender identity and/or intersex status. Frequently a person requires only one session to confirm that they are ‘not the only one’ and that everything they are feeling is OK. If more sessions are needed they can be by face-to-face support sessions, phone, email, texting or online chats. 


    "When I came to accept that I might be transgender, my life was turned upside down... the depression I'd felt all my life as a result of attempting to bury a core part of my identity, became worse than it had even been, and I became suicidal. In this time of fear and uncertainty, it was only through the support of... Working It Out that I was able learn to come to terms with myself, accept myself, and for the first time in my life, even like myself.  I was was working full time in a more remote region of Tasmania, finding a face to face option of assistance was impossible, but thanks to the flexibility of being able to call for regular sessions... I was able to receive some of the help that I needed.  Help, that I believe saved my life."