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Information and resources for Tasmanian parents and families of young people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Sexuality Diverse and Gender Diverse.

 Linking Tasmanians with local LGBTI-inclusive services, support and information.

Hear & Queer is a podcast telling the stories of LGBTI+ young people living in Tasmania.

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    Announcing Working It Out's Valuing Diversity Framework In Schools


    Working It Out is proud to announce that we will be able to continue our valuable work throughout 2018 to support schools, Principals and staff to support Lesbian, gay, bisexual, Transgender, gender non-binary students and students with intersex characteristics.


    The Valuing Diversity (Gender, Sexualities and Bodies) Framework (VDF) was developed over a period of three years. After much critical reflection, on our 19 years of experience working in Tasmania schools, and in communication with key stakeholders (The Education Department and the LGBTI Issues in Education Strategic Working Group, Community leaders, school leadership teams, parents, and community members) we developed the Valuing Diversity Framework.


    The Framework takes a long-term approach with ongoing critical and reflective engagement with schools.  We work with the individual school to embed positive narratives and representations at all levels of the school community and to access a diverse range of programs and services depending on presenting needs.


    The goal is to establish in each school a sustainable whole-of-school approach to on-going safety and inclusion.


    The Valuing Diversity Framework supports schools through providing factual information and resources, tailored professional learning, policy support, and environmental audits of inclusive practice.  The Framework also supports schools to establish student diversity groups, community education and support for affirmation of a student’s identity. The work is a gentle and continuous process to ensure thoughtful and respectful engagement to combat bullying.


    I no longer feel alone at school,

    this group has made me feel like Mondays are worth waking up for.

    From a student who attends a Diversity Group