Working it Out Together

While LGBTIQ+ people might experience the pandemic more acutely than others, they also have a long history of resilience and helping each other out which can help mitigate these impacts. ‘Working It Out Together’ has been established as a response to COVID-19 to facilitate both of these characteristics.

Key Features Include:

  • A special webpage with details, links and resources –;
  • A volunteer program which allows LGBTIQ+ Tasmanians to put their hand up to get a bit of extra support during this crisis and/or to put their hand up to help out; and
  • A one-stop place for LGBTIQ+ and Tasmanian-specific and/or accessible COVID-19 related resources. This is continually updated making it the perfect place to find the latest information:
    • Stay connected – a range of online and offline activities and groups to keep people connected and active
    • Stay healthy – advice and links for how to stay healthy during this crisis.
  • Please spread the word!

Please spread the word!

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